The Great Tomsoni & Co.

Tribute to John Thompson

By Fielding West

Fielding West, Penn & Teller and TomsoniJohn Thompson first and always is one of the only people I've ever met in show business that I could totally rely on.
He's trustworthy ... never revealing secrets outside our profession.

He's loyal to his friends. He's helpful to all magicians seeking to perfect themselves. He's friendly to millions around the world. He's courteous beyond belief. He's kind, he's obedient... if you don't believe me, ask his wife. He's cheerful, thrifty ... (it's possible...) and brave... ask his agent. He's clean, ask his hairdresser. He's reverent ... but don't ask him for any money for the church, see thrifty.

I think what I'm really trying to say, is that John Thompson is not only Poland's finest magician (as if there is a long line of these guys). The Wizard of Warsaw, AKA The Great Tomsoni, is undoubtedly the best Polish Boy Scout I've ever known.