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Fantasma Ring Fete’s Johnny & Pam Thompson at The Wonderdome

WonderdomeRoger Dreyer and the Fantasma Ring of the IBM in Las Vegas hosted a most amazing event at Jeff McBride’s “Wonderdome” in Las Vegas this week, honoring Johnny & Pam Thompson.  Attended by over 100 luminaries of the magic world, the amazing evening kicked off with Penn & Teller chaining Johnny to the stage, as part of the pretext for a trick.  They were followed by the inimitable Jay Marshall, Amazing Jonathan, Ay Jay, Lance Burton, delivering a comic “Eulogy,” Billy McComb, Jamy Ian Swiss, Simon Lovell, Gary Darwin and others, all hosted by The Coney Island Sideshow master Todd Robbins.  Jeff McBride, Mac King and others who could not attend appeared on video, projected across the giant wall of the dome.  As a special finale for the evening, Siegfried appeared and took the stage, telling stories of the times Johnny had helped with the S&R show, and sharing anecdotes and thoughts from the long years both have been creating magic in Las Vegas.  In the crowd were Norm Neilson, Bill Smith, Johnny Gaughan, Paul Vigil, Scott Hitchcock, Angelo Carbone, Rick Thomas, Stan Allen and many, many others.

The Fantasma Ring proved the perfect hosts, providing a fabulous Italian meal and flying Johnny’s biggest fans in from all over the country.  William Reymond provided tech support, and the assembled fans of Johnny and Pam provided an evening filled with great charm, wit and good conversation.   A grand time was had by all!

-Tobias Beckwith