The Great Tomsoni & Co.

Staten Island Sunday Advance

'Ferco's Untamed Illusions at AC



There's a wonderful change of pace as The Great Tomsoni & Company bring their unique brand of magic for a long-overdue return to the Boardwalk. The hugely talented John Thompson, billed as "Poland's Finest Magician," is actually a world-class prestidigitator and creator of magical illusions for headliners like Penn & Teller and Lance Burton. His stunning wife Pam is the "& Company," and together the couple creates a hysterical takeoff on the art of illusion. The Great Tomsoni & Company defies description, but it is a performance that catches audiences off-balance with a irreverent satire on the pretensions of pompous practitioners of the magical arts.
The self-described "Wizard of Warsaw" actually pulls off some amazing sleight-of-hand, plucking endless brilliantly colored scarves out of the air, then shaking them open to release flocks of white doves.

The Great Tomsoni & Company have opened for headliners like the Pointers, Vic Dampen and Diahann Carroll, and have been featured in lavish Las Vegas revues including the Folies Bergere and Lido de Paris. Here's an act which adds immeasurably to any show, but their performance in Ferco's Untamed Illusions is truly magic!