The Great Tomsoni & Co.

Jubilee at Bally's

The Great Tomsoni & Company join JubileeNow you see it ... now you don't believe you see it.

It's quite a sight to behold when The Great Tomsoni & Company appear nightly in the stage experience of a lifetime, "Jubilee," at Bally's.

"This may be one of the funniest magic acts since Ballantine the Magician gave up his theatrical bookings to play the part of Gruber in 'McHale's Navy,'" said one review.

"The Great Tomsoni & Company are a contemporary Burns and Allen with a unique blend of off-beat comedy and award-winning magic," said another review.

John Thompson is the great Tomsoni. His wife Pam is the "& Company."  Like Ballantine and others, Thompson is enormously skilled; he is a recipient of the Best Stage Magician Award from the Academy of Magical Arts. Pam, however, is an entity unto herself. It is said that she is like nobody show business has ever seen before.

Their act has been described as modern vaudeville, almost slapstick comedy, in which the magician is beset by minor obstacles and accidents on stage. However, the mishaps are all in the name of fun and while Tomsoni mystifies and mesmerizes audiences with his magical talents and quirky mannerisms, Pam supplies him with gadgets as the ditzy, putupon, jaded, bored, gum-chewing assistant. The way the two play off each other makes this one of the funniest spectacles of recent stage experience.

Thompson is an ex-harmonica player and actor who found Pam, a student of thespian teacher Lee Strasberg, while she was playing legit. They formed their act after Thompson left Jerry Murad's Harmonicats in the '60s. The two have been together ever since.  "Jubilee" is presented nightly at 7:30 and 11 p.m., except Friday. Tickets are $40.