The Great Tomsoni & Co.

Fercos Untamed Illusions


Every once in a while a casino revue v comes along that is refreshingly unique. Fercos Untamed Illusions falls into that category.  Yes, like most casino revues it has dancers.  But these dancers play a pivotal role in the show from the time they first appear on stage gyrating to Van Halen's "Right Now" to their high-spirited interpretation of Gloria Estefan's Latino tuned "Oye" in the grand finale. It also features The Great Tomsoni and Company, a husband/wife team who are as adept at magical skills as they are at comedy, and The Hartzels, crossbow experts who take turns at being on the receiving end of arrows.


The Great Tomsoni and Company — aka John Thompson and Pam Hayes — add a comedic touch to an already upbeat show. Their act is actually a parody of serious magical performers, but it still enables Thompson to showcase his skills as an accomplished practitioner of magic.  His magic in Fercos Untamed Illusions utilizes doves (one wasn't potty trained) and scarves. Pam, who in the real world is Mrs. Thompson, plays the part of Tomsoni's bored, fool shuffling, gum chewing straight lady.  She plays her role to perfection but that's not too surprising, since Pam studied acting with thespian Lee Strasberg and performed in TV shows and on the legitimate stage.  Thompson is an accomplished harmonica player who once toured with Jerry Murad's Harmonicats. More recently he developed material for magic revues and few Las Vegas magician; Siegfried and Roy.