The Great Tomsoni & Co.

Television Appearances

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"And Co., Tomsoni's bored, buxom blond assistant plays the part of a tarty over-the-hill showgirl with a voice that would etch glass."
— Guy Richardson,Reno Evening Gazzette

Penn & Teller

Criss Angel Mindfreak

Lance Burton Television Specials

David Blaine

The Tonight Show

The Merv Griffen Show

The Mike Douglas Show


Into The Night

The Donny & Marie Show

The Osmond Brothers Special

The Redd Foxx Show

Norm Crosby's Comedy Shop

Penn & Teller's "Sin City Spectacular"

NBC - "Magic With The Stars"

ABC - "It's Magic"

HBO - "Hocus Pokus It's Magic"

The Oakridge Boys "Live In Las Vegas"

PBS - "The Art of Magic"

Animal Planet - "The Secrets of Animal Magic"

"Two Top Bananas" - Don Rickles & Don Adams

"Grand Illusion" Syndicated Canadian Series

BBC - "The Magic Show" (London, England)

BBC - "The Paul Daniels Show" (London, England)

"Magic at the Olympia" Paris, France

RAI TV - "Fantastico" (Rome, Italy)