The Great Tomsoni & Co.
This Time I've Got It!

This Time I've Got It!
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Mad Scientist Tomsoni invents a formula to woo the girl of his desires, featuring award winning magician John Thompson, special guest stars Penn & Teller, Randell & Schippers, Las Vegas 'Jersey Boys' cast members, Pam Thompson, actress and Tomsoni's award winning partner, and actress Joelle Righetti.

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The Johnny Carson Great American Comedy Festival

The Great Tomsoni & Co recently performed at Great American Comedy Festival, along with Mac King and emcee Dick Cavett.

Command Performance at Itlaian Masters of Magic Convention

See the photos from The Great Tomsoni & Co's performance at the 2012 Masters of Magic Convention held at Casino Saint-Vincent. 

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Off-Broadway Production of "Play Dead" Declared a Hit

John Thompson is the brains behind the magic in the Off-Broadway hit Play Dead.

John & Pam Receive "Masters of Magic" Award

John and Pam were recently presented with the Milbourne Christopher "Masters of Magic" Award for "Notable Contributions to the Art of Magic."  The award was presented at the recent Society of American Magicians convention it Atlanta.

Pam Thompson Presented with Performing Fellowship

Pam Thompson was recently presented with a Performing Fellowship from the Academy of Magical Art.  The award acknowledges exceptional contribution to the art of magic.  Magicians Lance Burton, Penn & Teller and Mac King were among the many who took out advertising space in the awards program to congratulate Pam.

Old-timer the Mind Behind the Magic

Mike Weatherford of the Las Vegas Review-Journal talks about John Thompson's influence on some of the hottest magic shows in Las Vegas.

Tops in Top Tens

Johnny Thompson declared one of magic's Top Ten Funniest Acts!

Sunday Night at the Palladium

Perfectly timed comedy and elegant magic from Johnny, and scene-stealing moments from Pam, whose comical trudge to the center of the stage gets funnier each time she walks on.