The Great Tomsoni & Co.


"I have learned more about magic from Johnny Thompson than from any other source in the world. Now you, too, can learn from the master!"
— Lance Burton (Read more)

"Johnny Thompson, a great illusionist, a great parlor performer, a great close-up performer. Summed up, I mean the best!"
— Charlie Miller

"My favorite close-up magician is Johnny Thompson."
— Fred Kaps

"Johnny Thompson is one of the greatest performers in magic today and [his instructional videos] prove it!"
— Harry Riser

"When we need inspiration, we call Johnny. Nobody makes us prouder to be magicians. His technique is so subtle that you can't admire the moves; it doesn't look like there are any moves — it looks like magic. Fortunately, Johnny's not just one of the most skilled (and funniest) men alive; he's also a great teacher. He's mined the best material and refined it over decades of performance under all conditions in theatres, night clubs, cruises, trade shows, and TV. When Johnny shows you how to do something, you know you're learning from the real deal."
— Penn & Teller